Mod Forgotten Plants – Potato / Sugarbeet / Oilseed Radish v1.0 for FS19 | Farming Simulator 2019 game.

New textures for:

foliage, LOD, distance

In the zip are 2 folders.
1: copy the files in the “foliage” folder there.
Path: Farming Simulator 19 \ data \ foliage

2: Copy the files in the “distance” folder.
Path: Farming Simulator 19 \ data \ foliage \ distance

ATTENTION: make a backup of the original files!

Potatoes: In the 19er is the last stage potatoes no longer harvestable as in the 15 / 17er, so is currently the precursor (Figure 3), the optical crop. I hope for a script which changes this again.

Sugar beets: The LOD of the beet’s crop stage is very dark in directions that are not with the sun. Unfortunately, I can not do anything about it, that’s because of the strange sun in the LS19.

I wish you a lot of fun while gambling.
Greeting Eri

Tested on game version 1.1.3


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