Mod Estancia Buen Descanso Map v1.0 by Juliano Lostgamer for FS19 | Farming Simulator 2019 game.

This is the Brazilian map Estancia Buen Descanso in all its glory. The exotic territory from the depths of Brazil has been tested for performance.

Features map:
The local climate leaves its mark on crops and even the soil. The earth looks more like clay, many unusual plants grow.
Beautiful three-dimensional landscapes, trees and buildings.
The map is relatively small, but quite playable.
Starting equipment is, a lot of new opportunities for farming.
There is an elevator, greenhouses, good pickup. A wooden bridge passes through the river.
On the farm there are chickens that create a special flavor.

This map is a conversion from FS15 to FS17 and now for FS19.

Tested on game version 1.2.0


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